The purpose of the survey is to collect information on the existing experience of the institutions participating in the EFESE-project and their expectations from it. In specific, the survey aims to a) identify the existing expertise of project and satellite partners in social security education b) identify the existing experience of project and satellite partners in the use of educational platforms and virtual long distance teaching methods c) identify the expectations of the partners from the project.

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EFESE International Seminar and Poster Session


Date: Monday, February 8, 2016
Venue: KU Leuven University Halls, Naamsestraat 22, 3000 Leuven (Promotion Hall – Jubilee Hall)
Deadline registrations: January 29, 2016



Poster No. 1: EFESE course “Basic Concepts of Social Security”

Poster EFESE Siemen Buttiens_Page_1 Poster EFESE Siemen Buttiens_Page_3Poster EFESE Siemen Buttiens_Page_2


Siemen Buttiens, Project Assistant
KU Leuven, Belgium



Poster No. 2: Course on “European Law”

Poster EFESE Gert-Jan Verheij_Page_1 Poster EFESE Gert-Jan Verheij_Page_2 Poster EFESE Gert-Jan Verheij_Page_3


Gert-Jan Verheij, Consultant Educational Support and Innovation
University of Groningen, the Netherlands




Poster No. 3: The “EUTEMPE” project


Poster EFESE Nelis Van Peteghem_Page_1 Poster EFESE Nelis Van Peteghem_Page_2 Poster EFESE Nelis Van Peteghem_Page_3


Nelis Van Peteghem, Researcher
KU Leuven, Belgium



Poster No. 4: The “Mobile Digital Classroom” project

Poster EFESE Charles Dybus_Page_1 Poster EFESE Charles Dybus_Page_2 Poster EFESE Charles Dybus_Page_3


Charles Dybus, Coordinator
University of Tilburg, the Netherlands



Poster No. 5: Course “Introduction to Public Law”

Poster EFESE Arndt Künnecke_Page_1 Poster EFESE Arndt Künnecke_Page_2 Poster EFESE Arndt Künnecke_Page_3


Arndt Künnecke, Flipped Classroom Director
MEF University, Turkey



Poster No. 6: “Seminar Social Security Law”

Poster EFESE Eleni en Nilde_Page_1Poster EFESE Eleni en Nilde_Page_2Poster EFESE Eleni en Nilde_Page_3


Eleni De Becker, Teaching Assistant
KU Leuven, Belgium


Nilde Marocchi, Teaching Assistant
KU Leuven, Belgium



Poster No. 7: International master’s program “The Religious Roots of Europe”

Poster EFESE Jakob Engberg_Page_1 Poster EFESE Jakob Engberg_Page_2Poster EFESE Jakob Engberg_Page_3


Jakob Engberg, Programme Coordinator
Aarhus University, Denmark



Poster No. 8: Project “Real Life Learning”


Poster EFESE Ann Roex_Page_1Poster EFESE Ann Roex_Page_2Poster EFESE Ann Roex_Page_3


Ann Roex, Promotor
KU Leuven, Belgium



Poster No. 9: “Competencies in development”


Poster EFESE Karel Hoppenbrouwers_Page_1 Poster EFESE Karel Hoppenbrouwers_Page_2 Poster EFESE Karel Hoppenbrouwers_Page_3


Karel Hoppenbrouwer, Promotor
KU Leuven, Belgium


Poster No. 10: Master’s program “New Forms of Education and Learning”

Poster EFESE Vitsilaki_Page_1 Poster EFESE Vitsilaki_Page_2 Poster EFESE Vitsilaki_Page_3

Chryssi Vitsilaki, Director of the program
University of the Aegean, Greece



Poster No. 11: The “c-PaCK: a blended learning environment for teaching oral interaction French”

Poster EFESE Charlotte Larmuseau_Page_1 Poster EFESE Charlotte Larmuseau_Page_2 Poster EFESE Charlotte Larmuseau_Page_3


Charlotte Larmuseau, Academic staff FPPW
KU Leuven-KULAK, Belgium



Poster No. 12: “Weblessons on Sociology”


Poster EFESE Paulien de Winter_Page_1 Poster EFESE Paulien de Winter_Page_2 Poster EFESE Paulien de Winter_Page_3


Paulien de Winter, PhD-student
University of Groningen, the Netherlands