Project Objectives

The EFESE projects envisages the following objectives:


•    Course exchange on European social security based on a format

The cornerstone of this project is the development of a format for course exchange. This format contains both technical parameters, which make it possible to implement the courses on the local learning platforms and didactic/pedagogic parameters which makes sure that the courses are optimized for virtual exchange and open education. The different organisations involved will offer some of their courses through this format, thereby creating a large offer of exchange courses for their students organised by five focus pillars: law, economics, social policy, comparative studies and methodology. The currently available residential courses will thus be remodeled and innovated based on a student-centered approach for virtual exchange. In a second phase, when some of the exchanged courses have proven to be successful, they will also be offered openly on-line to a wider audience of non-registered students worldwide.


•    A feasibility study of a fully recognised and accredited blended master in European Social Security

The feasibility study for the establishment of a fully recognized and accredited blended Master in European social security will lead to a concrete blue print of how the organisations could integrate their residential and on-line learning activities into a common European Master programme. This will include detailed advice on the required procedural steps at each participating university as well as at the different national levels. It will hereby ensure that the participating organisations have the possibility to formally recognize and accredit their joint Master curriculum after this project.