UPCOMING EVENT-International Seminar / Training Program, February 8-12, 2016 – Leuven, Belgium

The EFESE project kindly invites you to the international seminar and the training program on the exchange of social security education.

Emphasis will be given to the content of social security education at the European level as well as to the technological possibilities and pedagogical principles for the design of blended learning.

From inspiring speakers, best practices, and practical workshops you will learn the how and why of turning regular courses into blended courses for the purpose of exchanging social security education. By blended learning we understand the combination of online and in-classroom learning activities.

The event will be held in Leuven, Belgium.


International Seminar & POSTER SESSION
Monday, February 8, 2016


09:00-09:30    Registration with coffee (Promotion Hall)

09:30-09:50    Welcome and introduction to the EFESE-project
Prof. Dr. Paul Schoukens, KU Leuven, Belgium

09:50-10:00    Q & A

10:00-10:20    The University of the Future
Prof. Dr. Danny Pieters, Vice-Rector of the Humanities and Social Sciences Group, KU Leuven

10:20-10:40    Why social security in Europe? Some reflections on the social legitimacy of the welfare state.
Prof. Wim Van Oorschot, KU Leuven

10:40-11:00    Q & A

11:00-11:20    Coffee break

11:20-11:40    Why social security education in Europe?
Prof. Dr. Franz Marhold, Vienna University of Economics and Business

11:40-12:00   Thoughts on how we could to internationalise social security education in Europe via blended learning
Mr. Denis Crowley, Head of Unit for innovation in education at the European Commission’s DG Education and Culture

12:00-12:20    Q & A

12:30-13:30    Lunch (Jubilee Hall)

13:30-13:50    Basic terminology in blended learning (Promotion Hall)
Prof. Dr. Jan Elen, KU Leuven

13:50-14:00    Q & A

14:00-15:45       Diverse posters on the practice of blended learning in higher education (Jubilee Hall)

                           EFESE course “Basic Concepts of Social Security”
                                    Siemen Buttiens, KU Leuven Belgium
                           Course on “European Law”
                                    Gert-Jan Verheij, University of Groningen, the Netherlands
                           The “EUTEMPE” project
                                    Nelis Van Peteghem, KU Leuven, Belgium
                           The “Mobile Digital Classroom” project
                                    Charles Dybus, University of Tilburg, the Netherlands
                           Course “Introduction to Public Law”
                                    Arndt Künnecke, MEF Univeristy, Turkey
                          “Seminar Social Security Law”
                                     Jessie De Weyer/Eleni De Becker, KU Leuven, Belgium
                           International master’s program “The Religious Roots of Europe”
                                    Jakob Engberg, Aarhus University, Denmark
                           Project “Learning to live healthy”
                                    Ann Roex, KU Leuven, Belgium
                           Master’s program “New Forms of Education and Learning”
                                    Chryssi Vitsilaki, University of the Aegean, Greece
                           Program “Blended learning at IMOB-Institute for Mobility”
                                    Mario Gielen, University of Hasselt, Belgium
                          “c-PaCK: a blended learning environment for teaching oral interaction French”
                                   Charlotte Larmuseau, KU Leuven-KULAK, Belgium
                          “Weblessons on Sociology”
                                     Paulien de Winter, University of Groningen, the Netherlands

15:45-16:30    What can we learn from current blended learning practices? (Promotion Hall)
Prof. Dr. Jan Elen, KU Leuven

16:30-17:00    Summary of the day
Dr. Maria Lucero/ Prof. Dr. Paul Schoukens, KU Leuven

17:00                    Reception (Jubilee Hall)

Part II: workshops

February 9-12, 2016 (Tuesday – Friday)

Participants can choose from three tracks:

Track 1_Instructional design
1.1.    Pedagogical format of the EFESE course
1.2.    The instructional design process
1.3.    Learning objectives and learning assessment
1.4.    Learning activities and organization of a lesson
1.5.    Formative and summative evaluation of a course

Track 2_Technical specifications
2.1.    A platform for the exchange of virtual learning material
2.2.    Video pre-production
2.3.    Video production and the technical format of the EFESE course
2.4.    Video post-production
2.5.    Professional recording of a video for your course

Track 3_Towards a European curriculum in social security
3.1.    Current expertise in Social Security Education: overlap and added value
3.2.    Social Security Systems Compared – a common content of social security education?
3.3.    Developing the profile of the European Social Security graduate.
3.4.   Needs assessment: what are the current goals of Social Security education and are they being accomplished?


Target groups:

Academics/ Academic institutions.
Policy makers at national, European and international level.
Professionals (sub-) national social security administrations
PhD students and/or researchers focusing on social security.


OPTION A: International Seminar including Poster Session (Training Program, Part I) – Registrations are open until the 29th of January 2016.

Registration fee: 100 Euro

Special rates:
EFESE partner: free of charge
Satellite partners and PhD students: free of charge
E.I.S.S. members: 80 Euro

Lunch and reception are included
More information on hotel accommodation in Leuven at lower rates.


OPTION B: International Seminar including Poster Session (Training Program, Part I) and Workshops (Training Program, Part II) – Registrations are closed.

Registration fee: 500 Euro

Special rates:
EFESE partner: free of charge
Satellite partners and PhD students: free of charge
E.I.S.S. members: 400 Euro

Lunches, reception, and a social event are included.

We will arrange and cover travel and accommodation for participants linked to one of the EFESE project partners.

Participation to the workshops is subject to prior approval and limited to 60 persons.

You are encouraged to come in a team of three persons, so that every person can follow one track. Your team will work on the design of a blended course.


Contact information

EFESE Management Office
Blijde-Inkomststraat 17
3000 Leuven – Belgium



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