The EFESE project concluded successfully

The EFESE project came to an end after three years of productive work. The project was conceived to respond to the absence of a truly comprehensive curriculum on social security.

To this aim, three general objectives were reached: 1) the development of a joint format for virtual course exchange, 2) the building up of a joint curriculum on social security, and 3) the extension of an academic and professional network.

Among the main project outputs, we can mention a) a survey on existing courses in social security in diverse European universities, their experience and IT infrastructure (click here for more details), b) an exchange platform for the exchange of blended courses (click here for more details), c) a technical and pedagogical format for the design and exchange of blended courses (click here for more details), d) a feasibility study and a blueprint towards a joint master in European social security (click here for more details), e) a proposal for a comprehensive curriculum, and f) the various dissemination activities (click here for more details).

Two training events for students, two training events for teachers, and four multiplier events were organized. The EFESE project and its outputs have been also presented in, at least, 19 international events.

Apart from the four project partners (KU Leuven, U of Ljubljana, U of Groningen, and CECL), thirteen universities and two international networks (EISS & OSE) have participated and collaborated as satellite partners.

All the outputs of the project are available at the relevant section of the website.

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