The EFESE team applied to the Erasmus+ Joint Master Degrees

We are proud to announce that one more of the outcomes of the EFESE project is already in place. After a long preparation, we succeeded in preparing a proposal for a new Joint Master programme: the Erasmus Mundus Master of Social Security in a Changing Society (Erasmus Mundus MaSSiX). It was submitted to the Erasmus+ programme on February 15th, 2017.

The overall aim of the Erasmus Mundus MaSSiX is to educate European and non-European candidates seeking a specialisation in European Social Security with emphasis in comparing across systems and disciplines. It also aims to offer a joint degree that represents a genuine integration between four universities (KU Leuven, University of Ljubljana, University of Groningen, and Panteion University) and one research centre (CECL) in terms of vision, content, and administration. Apart from them, other 13 European universities and institutions in social security are supporting the proposal and will participate as associated partners.

The programme includes two phases:

THE BASIC PHASE (Leuven, 1st semester, 30 ECTS) focuses on knowledge around fundamental social security concepts and principles that will offer a common language to students.

THE SPECIALISATION PHASE (Athens, Groningen, Ljubljana, 2nd semester, 30 ECTS) offers three alternative mobility tracks: 1) Developing Social Policy under Constraints (Athens), 2) Governance in Social Security (Groningen), and 3) European Integration and Social Security (Ljubljana). The specialisation phase aims to expose the students to transnational, interdisciplinary and work-related challenges that will broaden their theoretical and practical understanding of social security.

The Erasmus Mundus MaSSIX is a planned to be launched in the academic year 2018-2019, hopefully with the financial support of the European Union. Crossing fingers!

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