International Seminar “The blended approach in exchanging social security education”, 8 February 2017, Leuven

More than 100 people assisted to the International Seminar “The blended approach in exchanging social security education” on February 8, 2016 at the KU Leuven.

The seminar hosted high level speakers from the academia and the European Commission, such as Prof. Paul Schoukens (KU Leuven and Tilburg University), who presented the EFESE project and its main developments. The first reactions came from Mr. Stefaan Hermans, Head of the Cabinet of Commissioner Thyssen – Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility. Further on, Prof. Danny Pieters, Vice-Rector of the Humanities and Social Sciences Group (KU Leuven), reflected upon the university of the future; Prof. Wim Van Oorshot (KU Leuven) spoke about social security in Europe and the social legitimacy of the welfare state; Prof. Franz Marhold (Vienna University) introduced the idea of social security education in Europe; Mr. Denis Crowley, Head of Unit for Innovation in Education at DG Education and Culture, presented ideas on how to internationalize social security education in Europe via blended learning; and, finally, Prof. Jan Elen (KU Leuven), introduced the audience into the blended learning approach.

The agenda of the event is available here.



PAUL SCHOUKENS_EFESE Introduction Training_2

DANNY PIETERS_EfeseThe Future of University

WIM VAN OORSCHOT_PresentationWhySocSecEU

JAN ELEN_Basic terminology in blended learning

Overview of the event

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